How to Join

Three Reasons Why You Should Join the Cutting Edges:
  1. Not to toot our own horn too loudly, but, we’re a great group of guys who love the game and love having fun on and off the ice!!!

  2. The Cutting Edges offers you a chance to play the game that you love at various skill levels on a regular basis allowing you to develop your skills as a player.

  3. The team welcomes all players regardless of their skill level. We celebrate diversity and are united by a desire to play clean, violence-free hockey. This love of the game takes the team all over North America to play in tournaments organized by other gay hockey clubs and organizations, most recently the Sin City Shoot Out in Las Vegas January 2016 and the Chelsea Challenge in New York May 2016.  We're looking forward to the upcoming Friendship Tournament in Toronto October 2016.

Now that we’ve given you some great reason to join us, you might have some questions about joining a team. This page seeks to answer some questions for you and help you to get on your way to skating with the Edges.

Frequenty Asked Questions

 How do I Join a Team?

Our pdf registration form can be completed and sent to us attached to an email at .  The updated form will be posted on this page prior to the start of each season.  The club also tries to coordinate a couple of registration nights prior to the start of the season in July and August each year. Prior to the start of the season the team has several open ice sessions in late August or early September that new players are invited to so they can get a feel for what level they should register for and what position they would like to play. Watch for dates and times for the registration nights and open ice sessions to be posted in the News section on our home page and on our FaceBook page.  If the season has started, don’t worry -- it's not too late to join!! For more information contact:

Gavin Clifford President
Charles Copeland Secretary

 What calibre of play can I expect?

We register two to four teams each fall for the winter season. The level is determined by the skill of the players registered but usually one team in a competitive mid to upper level division and one or two more teams in lower divisions for players that are looking primarily for recreation and exercise. The teams still play to win but the primary emphasis is on skill development and enjoying the game.
The competitive team, sponsored by BierCraft, played in Division 5 of the UBCTAHL in 2015-2016. The games are competitive and fast. There is a real emphasis on teamwork and puck control. Games are, by and large, relatively clean with few penalties and very little clutch and grab. We also had a team in division 8 at UBCTAHL sponsored by Fountainhead Pub and another in Division B of the VACHL.

 How often do the Cutting Edges play?

The season runs from early September to early April, followed by about two-weeks of playoffs. Games are roughly split between week nights and weekends. Games are usually between 5 and 10 days apart. Click here to see last season’s schedule. In addition to league games, and based on player demand, the Cutting Edges considers “Stick and Puck” sessions (check Events for up-to-date info!).

 What level of commitment is expected?

All teams endeavour to have full benches for each and every game. You will be none-to-popular with your team mates if you are a last-minute no-show!! We use an on line game scheduler service called Team Cowboy.  Its easy to use and we expect players to sign in with their availability 48 hours prior to each game. So, please keep in mind that in order for all players to enjoy the season, register with the expectation that you will make most, if not all, of the games. The drop-in “Stick and Puck” sessions  may also help you get your hockey fix if your schedule does not allow you to commit to a team for the season.

 What if my schedule does not permit this level of commitment?

Our teams are often looking for players willing to fill in as “spares.” If your schedule doesn’t allow you to commit to a whole season at this point, call one of the team managers to be placed on the spares list. Players on the spares list pay a drop-in fee and play when either team has a short bench.

How much does joining the team cost?

Ice time in the Lower Mainland is at a premium, so the fees for a season of hockey are much higher than other popular sports such as softball, volleyball, and soccer. Nevertheless, the Cutting Edges play at the UBC Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre which has some of the lowest ice costs and best facilities in the region. The fees for the 2016-2017 fall-winter season are as follows:

Discount Membership: $840 payable by July 15 or $140 payable by July 15 plus $700 by Aug. 15.
This will qualify you as a full time player on a team at UBC TAHL.  This includes your one year Cutting Edges Gay Men’s Hockey Club membership ($20).
Regular Membership: $140 payable by July 15 plus 1st instalment of $370 by Aug. 15 plus 2nd instalment of $370 by Nov. 15 also includes one year membership.
Spare Player Fees: $30 per game for non Discount or Regular Members.  $20 per game for Discount and Regular Members. 
Anyone wanting to participate in any on ice club function will be required to sign a Cutting Edges Gay Men’s Hockey Club Registration and Waiver prior to stepping on the ice.  As a Registered Society in BC we are required to track membership and this helps define what our club is for and about.  Membership has its benefits: you’ll be qualified to attend free pre season scrimmages, you’ll be added to the “spare” list to play for our other VACHL team(s), you’ll be invited to Cutting Edges social functions and have the opportunity to volunteer and earn points* at Edges functions like the annual “SCORE” skating party.  Membership also means you will be eligible to be on the Cutting Edges Board of Directors and vote at our Annual General Meeting.

I don’t have any hockey equipment. Where can I get some?

Hockey equipment can be very expensive. If you are new to the game you may want to rent equipment for your first couple of times out with the team. This can be arranged through the Pro-Shop at the UBC Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre. The team also has a small collection of used equipment that you can use. If you do decide to purchase your own set of equipment there are several excellent consignment stores in Vancouver that sell good quality used equipment. Contact a team manager or the Club President for more information.

I’d like to play hockey but I haven’t skated in years!

You might consider taking 'Power Skating' lessons at UBC or one of the municipal areas in Vancouver in the fall to help you to develop your skating skills. Again, the team’s “Stick and Puck” sessions are very casual and will give you ice time to develop your skating skills as well.

 What off-ice activities do the Cutting Edges offer?

In addition to participation in the UBC Duffers League, various tournaments, and the Gay Games, the Cutting Edges are busy off the ice as well:

  1. After some league games, team members will head to one of our sponsors, BierCraft at Westbrook Village or Fountainhead Pub on Davie Street in the village for a cold pitcher of beer and a chance to relive some of the finer (or not so fine) moments of the night’s game.

  2. The Cutting Edges is active in the community, having raised over $20,000 for the Dr. Peter Centre through our very successful “SCORE” skating parties and bartending stints at major events such as Whistler Pride (Gay Ski Week), New Year’s Eve, and Vancouver Pride Weekend events.

  3. The Cutting Edges play hard and party harder! The club organizes local social events and field trips such as road trips to Seattle to watch the Vancouver Giants trounce the Seattle Thunderbirds, a karaoke Christmas Party, and several team nights at the Pacific Coliseum to watch the Vancouver Giants.

 More questions?