Hockey Is For Everyone

The Cutting Edges is an LGBT friendly Hockey Club that welcomes all members who share our spirit in playing fun, clean hockey with positive energy!

While having fun playing is what we’re here for, our club’s vision goes beyond the game to: volunteering, contributing to charities, participating in local events, and making a mark on our community by being all that we can.

We field multiple teams at different skill levels, that play in a recreational hockey league at UBC’s Point Grey Campus. The 28 game season goes from September to May, with games taking place on evenings and weekends. We also host multiple events including our legendary Score Party and occasional tournaments.

Fighting for equality in sports for 25 years!

$5 From Every Purchase Goes to Our Local Charities

McLaren Housing was the first HIV/AIDS housing provider in Canada. We work with low-income individuals and families who are living with HIV/AIDS and are homeless or inadequately housed.